Write it!

I was sitting around with a girlfriend last night planning a summer vacation to help celebrate an upcoming milestone birthday she’s having this year.  We excitedly looked into the flight arriving in Phoenix and planned our stay in Sedona and a day trip to the Grand Canyon.  The excitement really began to brew when suddenly a memory snapped into focus in my mind… I’ve planned this before.  I written this down on my list of 101 Goals about a year ago.

I had to find that list. The dust that covered the old notebook was evidence of how little energy I had given the 101 over the past year but as I dusted it off and rustled through the pages I was astounded by what I saw.  There, listed on lines 49 & 50, were the words “Go to Arizona” and “Visit the Grand Canyon”… WHAT?!?
I hadn’t thought about this list in almost a year.  I started to count and excitedly mark off the ones that had been met.  The count grew as the pages turned.  After all was said and done… 55!!  55 of these goals have already been achieved and 16 more are well on their way!  I couldn’t believe it.  How was this possible?  I taught this stuff everyday.  I really do believe in it, but to see it unfold so powerfully and so sub-consciously just blew me away.

I started with a pen, a notebook, a few simple dreams.  I made it as far as 100 down on paper.  That’s it.  I didn’t wrestle with the planning of them, the forcing or creating of them.  I simply wrote them down and forgot about them. Now a year later, here I sit with more than half of them complete and a life, a home, a career, and relationships that I am privileged to enjoy.  Some of them aren’t exactly what I had envisioned, some of them are even better.

I don’t claim to understand it.  There’s no science behind any of this writing. There’s simply awe and excitement to share and challenge you to break out your pen and paper.  Start writing. Start dreaming and let go of the outcome.  Let’s see what happens!