The Emotional Energy of Stuff

Suddenly, it occurred to me, she’s not 10 anymore…

Questions about RSC have now prompted interest in Dedicated Life Overhaul so I want to share some of the growth and changes that are happening through the process of this amazing Life Coaching Course.

I’ve been teaching DLO for over 3 years. It is a 12 month Coaching series offered to both men and women that helps members take a good hard look at their use of time, money, relationships, personal space, etc.

Recently, we took an entire month to assess the overall energy of our homes and possessions. Members were encouraged to walk around their homes with fresh eyes and new awareness to pay attention to the power of habit and blindspots to clutter, messes, and disrepair.  I encouraged group members to pay attention to the emotional power of their possessions, closets, and hidden spaces that filled the overall emotional state of their home and overall well-being.

Well, if I’m going to teach it, I’m going to walk the walk too.  So I ventured into my own home with eyes wide open and a fresh perspective.  I spent several long weekends cleaning, purging, repairing every room, every closet. Very Marie Kondo-like, even before her magic became so popular.

But there was always a room, one room, in my home that I avoided.  One room that was so filled with emotional energy that I rarely entered it anymore. Though the physical content was very sparse, it always seemed to be bursting at the seams with memories and emotions. It was a room that seemed to be frozen in time, as though my daughter was still 10 years old.  (I’ll note that she’s now 20 and has been living on her own for several years, but that didn’t change the way I felt about the room) I knew it was time.

So the journey began. I started in the closet and transitioned through the entire room, going through years of notes, pictures, childhood trophies & awards, hidden candy wrappers, and long lost socks.  Hours I spent in that room, just allowing the emotions to come- tears, laughter, joy, sadness. Though forever my child, she’s very much her own young woman now. That room literally held her mind, body and young innocent spirit.  The idea of changing it felt like a loss, a letting-go that I wasn’t quite prepared for. It was time to allow for her growth and development through the transformation and reclaiming of her room. After all, she’s not 10 anymore.

I’m not gonna lie, it was a painful process.  I was shocked by the emotions and the memories that surfaced.  After years of neglect and avoidance, I became very intentional about the cleaning, the picking of the colors, the decisions about decorations and the new bedding.  It was a new space, welcoming new energy and new opportunity. It is now a reflection of the present, not the past. Though just a room, it was a transformation inside and out, and is now, my favorite room in the house!!

Learning to be intentional about our space is so important to our overall well-being. The members of DLO have experienced similar transformational experiences as they’ve taken a look at their spaces, both inside and out. Today, I encourage you to take a fresh look at the emotional and physical energy of your space and your belongings.  See what comes up…