Radical Self Care

 365 days from now, where do you want your life to be?

Step into this unapologetic journey of exploring your absolute best self. Join other like-minded women in stepping away from fear, excuses, & comparison as you move into your own personal worth & empowerment. 

Our monthly in-person meetings offer the support & encouragement of Allyson, along with other dynamic women while we take a deep dive into different areas of life. With a spirit of authenticity & acceptance, we explore topics such as boundaries, relationships, personal well-being, self-image, inner critic, body image, & core values.

All of this is offered in your 12 month membership along with monthly assignments, handouts, resources, & regular check-ins to start living your most authentic life. This is a profound, sacred process of growth, claiming, and becoming solid in your sense of self in a safe environment filled with support, encouragement, laughter, and acceptance.

It’s time to invest in your best self & take life to the next level.

The cost of this amazing journey is $ 2100 ($175 per session) or $1800 if paid in full.