Because I believe in community, my coaching courses are offered in-person. This 7 month coaching course, designed for both men and women grants you the opportunity to take a good look at multiple areas of your life to assess what’s working and what’s not. 

Each month we concentrate on a different area such as personal values, beliefs, attitude, environment, and time management.

Along with the other group members, you’ll establish personal goals and then create a customized set of action steps to help you achieve your desired results in each area of concentration. 

You’ll have my personal guidance along with a like-minded community of people who will help support, challenge, and encourage you through deep levels of personal growth.

“We all know what to do but I’ve always struggled with the follow through and the tools to make the necessary changes. I can literally say Overhaul changed my life. Every month we had assignments, tasks, and projects to focus on. We covered different topics and I got to take a good look at my behaviors. I loved the people I met and we built a small community of support. I looked forward to seeing them and hearing their success too. Allyson is funny, inspirational, and very insightful. There was never any judgement or pressure. I can’t wait to kick off 2019 with all of the tools and success I’ve built.” -Doug T