Client Praise

“I’ve seen several therapists throughout the years but Allyson seemed to understand more in just 45 minutes than other therapists did in months of sessions. She just gets it.”
-Laura C

“I instantly felt a connection with Allyson and knew she would be someone who could help me change my life. I shared more with her in our first session than I ever have with my closest friends or my husband of 18 years.”
– Kim

“Allyson has an amazingly intuitive sense that allowed me to search deep into my thoughts and actions. The questions she asks, the insight she shares, and the way she gently probes allow me to feel accepted, understood, and yet challenged, too. I have made significant changes in my life and am happier in my career, my relationships, and especially in my own skin.”
– Denise

“Allyson has a creative way of drawing really cool analogies that help me better understand why I do things and how to change. She’s quite a crafty story-teller who brings the point home directly but gently.”
– Adam

“I have learned to trust other people again. I never felt judged or criticized no matter what I told her. She always offered great suggestions. With her help, I am back on track and stronger than I have ever been.”
– Mark

“I have attended almost every group and every class I possibly can. There is so much wisdom Allyson has to offer. I never miss an opportunity to meet with her. Attending these sessions has really allowed me to feel a part of something amazing.”
– Kathy

“I am forever grateful for all that I have learned and the changes I have made. My friends urged me to do this for years but I made every excuse not to. I could tell right away that I was in good hands with Allyson. I am a different person and I know that because of all the work I have done, it has saved my life!”
– Greg