This book is what is on the other side of my existential crisis. It was a painful gestational process that I didn’t understand, never asked for, and resisted every step of the way. However, that season allowed me to birth this amazing book, Misunderstood, with the program C.B.D. (Commodities, Boundaries, & Decisions).

It is only since rising out of the crisis and looking back, I can see how necessary every painful step was throughout the process. Standing on the other side, looking back, and filled with awe, appreciation, and wonderment, I must laugh at how badly I resisted the process. As much as I hated and resisted it, I needed every single step in order to breathe life into a healthier, transformed life.

I can now say, I truly believe in quality connection, commitment, and community, rather than quantity (or the frantic hustle that many do). We’re all in this together, and I believe in the power of holding each other up, telling each other the truth, and walking through the hard stuff, together. I also believe in the power of standing alone and learning to be okay with that. Everyone comes to a season in life where they are called to look at what they’re doing, and why. If you are lucky, you are called to stand on your own in order to know your personal value.

Awareness can be a double-edged sword and is not for the faint of heart. I’ve been told, this book and course should come with a warning label because you can never unlearn or unsee once you walk through it. Trust me, it can be a lot to take in. You are encouraged to take the information as slowly, or as quickly, as you’d like. There are no rules, have-to’s, or must-haves.

Relationships will be examined, motives will be challenged, and patterns will be changed. You will dive deep and take an honest look at behaviors, thoughts, and patterns. It is my honor and privilege to provide this framework as you walk through this process.

I encourage you to take possession of your mind. The ingredients required here are honesty, authenticity, genuineness, vulnerability, courage, openness, willingness, acceptance, and trust; the rest will unfold on its own. Trusting yourself and trusting the process are two of the main practices you will be putting into action. All I ask is, you bring your entirety into this process. Show up fully, not perfectly.

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