Kindness Crisis

I think we are in a kindness crisis. I don’t even think we know it, I think we just feel it.  It seems as though everywhere I go, people aren’t paying attention.  They aren’t paying attention to where they’re going, to the people around them or even to themselves.  We’ve lost sight of each other and the ways we can be kind to one another.

Kindness is so simple.  It’s easy.  It’s free and it can literally save a life. Why is it so scarce?

We seem to relate to one another with hostility, defensiveness, impatience, and even disregard. We’ve stopped really seeing one another and paying attention to what someone may be experiencing or needing.

I deal with people in pain all day long. I, personally, have gone through long periods of deep pain. One simple act, one gesture, one smile can make all of the difference.

Kindness is one of my deepest values and yet, I too, have been guilty of not paying attention, being impatient, and not taking the time. I’ve decided to be part of the solution. I’m taking more responsibility and being more conscious of others. I’m making it a conscious practice because somehow, I got off track.

My challenge to you is this… Reach out to people, even when you’re busy. Hold a door for someone, even when it means you have to wait an extra second.Let someone into traffic, even if the guy in front of you was rude.Make eye contact, even when you’re busy scrolling through Facebook.Set a reminder on your phone to call someone, even though you intend to do it later.

Take action, don’t just think about it.  You never know the difference you could make in someone’s life.

We are in a kindness crisis. Join me in being part of the solution!