The Art of Effective Communication

 Are you struggling to communicate with others?

Do you find yourself in the same conflict over & over again?

Do you get in your own way and often feel confused about what you want?

Just imagine self-awareness that allows you to understand and honor your true needs, relationships that are centered on compassion, understanding and respect, and a world strengthened by inspiring communication and connection… It is possible!

Many years ago, I was trained in the work of Marshal Rosenberg, creator of Non-Violent Communication (NVC), and became fascinated with the ease and effectiveness of this tool. I’ve taken all of this training and combined it with my 25+ years of experience to create this informative and interactive workshop. Your insight and skill level will change as you are equipped with a powerful, easy to grasp¬†three-step tool that allows you to improve self-awareness, understand deeper needs, and finally communicate more effectively.

The Art of Effective Communication offers an alternative way of thinking, communicating, and relating with others. It is a simple method, just three simple steps, of insight and awareness that ends patterns of sabotage, hostility, assumptions, defensiveness, and resistance.

Interested in implementing this tool at work? Do you have a small group that could benefit from this type of growth and understanding? Contact me and we’ll plan a workshop they’ll never forget!