Last night after the launch of Emotional C.B.D., someone questioned “Why isn’t this stuff taught in schools?” What a great question, but I am committed to spreading this message any way I can.

People keep asking me, “Allyson, what are these commodities you keep talking about?” We can start there.

Our society priorities the value of one main commodity – money. We teach about it, emphasize it, save it, sacrifice for it, all kinds of stuff. But over the years, I’ve found both personally and professionally, that there are far more important commodities that often go completely unrecognized. The three most invaluable commodities I’ve found are – time, energy, and effort.

We waste our time, energy, and effort on people, places, and things that don’t serve us and then wonder why we are exhausted, depleted, irritable, resentful, and fed-up!

In C.B.D., we learn the significant value of our time, energy, and effort. We learn how to start spending them so much more wisely with Boundaries and effective Decisions. We wrap up the series with a strong dose of S.O.S. (Sense of Self).

This is such cool stuff that allows us to be so much healthier and happier; living a very rich life indeed!