Badge of Honor?

Since when has being “too busy” become a badge of honor? We live in a distracted world that seems to take pride and gain great esteem from all of the activity and busyness. It seems the whole world is in a rush and I step back to ask “To where are you headed my friends?”

Rushing and busyness are two of my worst enemies.  They make me mean, impatient, intolerant, and rude.  I suddenly become entitled and the rules no longer apply to me when I’m in a hurry.  The demands of my day seem to “force” me to cram too much into too little and I find myself feeling impatient and unkind.  I know better and yet I allow hurrying to bring out the worst in me.

When was the last time you allowed yourself rest, stillness, and ease? Do you know how to simply be? Can you embrace the power of stillness?  Are you present in what you are doing? Do you allow yourself the gift of doing one thing at a time? It seems a lost art that I am trying to practice and fully embrace.

I challenge you today – stop wrestling, stop forcing, stop busying. Sit still. Be present. Pay attention. See what happens.  What’s underneath all of the distraction?