A matter of perspective

I just got back from a girl’s trip to the beach and as we often do, our conversation covered as wide of a territory as our trip had. We found ourselves in wild laughter, silent stillness, and deep conversation as we took in the sun and the sand.

Several times the conversation circled back to the particular theme of perspective. As long as we’ve known each other, we each had different ideas, interpretations, and experiences through out the trip. We pondered, were there right and wrong perspectives or just different? Four women, four different versions of multiple issues and experiences. Fascinating!

The gift is that we each had solid permission to have our own opinions and experiences. It’s nice to be in relationships like that. But it had me thinking quite a bit.

As our trip was winding down, I had to hit the beach one last time to take in the early morning air. I love quiet time that allows for deep reflection and what better place than the beach?!? I walked and walked as deep gratitude pumped through my veins and yet, I found myself longing to see the magnificence of the sun one last time. An early morning storm had rolled in and the clouds were still thick as the sun was struggling to peek through. I was routing for it as I continued to walk along.

I took in every step but time was passing and I knew I needed to head back. I stopped to take in the water and the sky one last time and as I did, my entire perspective shifted. I had been so busy in my walk and the direction I was heading that I had not even noticed that right behind me, the sky was fully complying with my desires. As I turned, the sky revealed an entirely different perspective of light, bright cheery clouds that were eagerly welcoming the new day. From one single spot on the beach, the sky emerged as two totally separate entities. My view completely changed based solely on where I chose to focus.

My goodness, is that not so true everywhere in life?? Where you focus will determine your entire perspective. Want to see the bad in the world or the jerkiness of people? It’s easy to see, just look around. Want to see kindness, joy, and good? Look around, that’s there too. They both exist – the light and the dark. But where you look is where you go.

Where are you looking? Today I encourage you to look for the good – in yourself, in others, and in the world. It exists and just like the brightness of the sky, we need to see the brightness of people. It’s there, we just need to look!